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About Us

Who are we ?

Barlowa Store,
It gathers the meanings of innovative, traditional, impressive and noble under one roof. We all know that the young population loves glamor and luxury. We offer this to you at an accessible level.
With Barlowa Kristaly, we have been displaying those glamorous and magnificent crystals that have been decorating tables, sparkling nights and parties for centuries. We think that crystal culture is more a pleasure followed by the older generation today. Our aim is to change this perception.
In order to achieve this, we aim to support and highlight Barlowa Kristaly with Glass Paintings, blown glass Neons and our Decorated Glass reflecting us. While doing all these, we aim to change the perception of "EXPENSIVE" to "ACCESSIBLE". We invite you to feel more special with the personalized order section of Barlowa Store, apart from its own products.