Who are we ?

With Barlowa Kristaly within the Barlowa Store, we have been displaying those glamorous and magnificent crystals that have been decorating tables, sparkling nights and parties for centuries. We think that crystal culture is more a pleasure followed by the older generation today. Our aim is to change this perception.


 We are a brand with 28 artists under one roof. We plan to increase the number of artists within our organization every month. We reached 14 artists in 28 months. We sold 370+ artist works.


With our artists, we serve you on Special Bespoke Drawings, Glass Paintings, Framed MDF Paintings, 3D printed sculptures, Fiber Polyester Sculptures and many more.

You can find these beautiful products by browsing through our website.


We provide our artists with the opportunity to sell through our account on the website www.foundationapp.io/astronoott for the NFTs that appear under the name of Non Fungible Token. 


Every artist  They always get their share of the works sold by themselves, be it Table or NFT.


In general, Barlowa Store works to make your living spaces more fun and colorful for you.