Carpet of Love 2

1,700.00 TL

Barlowa Specials

We make direct printing with the world's best printing machine German Durst UV digital printing machine on first class flat glass with tempered treated edges that are 4 times resistant to breakage compared to normal glasses of 10mm thickness.

    • You can send the visual of your print you want to design to us at
    • We are always working to offer you the best quality. For this reason, the images you send us must meet certain quality criteria.
    • Always choosing the highest resolution available for the images you send us will directly affect the print quality.
    • Please note that there will definitely be slight differences between the color tones you see on the screen and the actual product.
    • Accepted file types: png, jpg, svg
    • Maximum file size: 20 MB
    • Minimum file size: 1 MB.
    • After the images are approved, you will be returned and the order will be processed after the payment is received.
    • Please do not forget to write your contact information to
    • Glass print products will be shipped within 3-7 business days. After it is sent to the cargo, it is forwarded to the e-mail addresses you previously shared with us to share the shipment tracking number with you.
    • With a first class polystyrene frame, the product is deepened.
    • The world's best UV printer is used in our digital prints.
    • You can hang it practically on your wall with a single nail.
    • It is a nice gift option in its stylish and protected packaging.
    • Our collection of many different images carries modern lines.